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Our Mission

Compassionately Delivering the Right Services, When You Need Them

At Hope Hospice, success is measured differently. We count shared stories, laughter and smiles, hugs, and tears as part of a job well done. If you or a loved one has reached the point where you're searching for compassionate end-of-life care, Hope is here to serve you.

Hope Hospice is a mission-driven, community-led, non-profit organization. As a hospice provider, we've been supporting patients, families and healthcare professionals in the Tri-Valley and surrounding communities since 1980. We continue to expand our service offerings, adding advanced illness care and a dementia support program to meet the growing needs of our community.

Our Mission

Hope is committed to supporting patients and their loved ones with exceptional care, compassion, and dignity.

Hope Supports all Aspects of Your Loved One's Care

Exceptional care is our hallmark, and it begins with seeing the patient, first, as a person. Because each individual is unique, we customize our care to meet their specific needs. A patient's comfort and physical needs are a top priority, but so are their emotional, spiritual, and social needs.

The intake process includes a discussion with the patient and/or family care partners to identify care choices and needs. We want to know your goals and wishes so we can support what matters most to you. We'll always strive to help the patient retain their dignity and independence through every stage of the journey.